Selected Public Output (since 2008)


Price, Jon. The construction of cultural leadership. ENCATC Journal of Cultural Management and Policy, 7 (1): 5-16, 2017.

Price, Jon. Contesting agendas of participation in the arts. Journal of Arts & Communities, 7:1: 17-31, 2015.

Douglas, Anne  & Kathleen Coessens.  Movement and Moment: In-between Discreteness and Continuity in Somatechnics 4.1 (2014): 149–167 DOI: 10.3366/soma.2014.0117 Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press,  2014

Price, Jon; Anne Douglas & Paul Harris. Values and Assumptions in the Concept of Cultural Leadership. European Conference on Arts & Humanities Official Conference Proceedings: 398-412. Nagoya: International Academic Forum, 2013. ISSN 2188-1111

Douglas, Anne  Drawing and the Score in Sound and Score eds Coessens, K. and De Assis, P. Leuven: University of Leuven Press, 2013

Douglas, Anne. Altering a Fixed Identity Thinking through Improvisation in ed. Amanda Ravetz, Anne Douglas & Kathleen Coessens. Critical Studies in Improvisation Vol 8, No 2. Montreal, 2013

Douglas, Anne & Kathleen Coessens. Improvisation and Embodied Knowledge – Three Artistic Projects between Life, Art and Research in (re)thinking improvisation Artistic Explorations and Conceptual Writing Henrik Frisk &Stefan Östertjo (eds), Lund: Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University, 2013

Douglas, Anne & Kathleen Coessens. Experiential knowledge and improvisation: Variations on movement, motion, emotion in Art, Design and Communication in Higher Education Special Issue, Experiential Knowledge Special Interest Group and Design Research Society eds Niedderer, C. & Mey, K.

Coessens, Kathleen. & Douglas, Anne. Calendar Variations  Banchory:Woodend Barn Publishing 2011. ISBN 978-0-955-1397-5-8

Price, Jon. Qualitat der Kulturerziehing (The Qualities of Cultural Education) in Shortcut Europe 2010: 55-60. Bonn: Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft e.V. & Klartext Verlag, 2011. ISBN 978-3-8375-0504-7

Coessens, Kathleen; Darla Crispin & Anne Douglas  The Artistic Turn: A Manifesto Leuven:University of Leuven Press, 2009.

Douglas, Anne & Chris Fremantle Artist as Leader Research Report Aberdeen: Robert Gordon University ISBN 978-1-901085-98-3 (AHRC funded research), 2009.

Conference papers

Price, Jon Evolving cultural leadership: lessons from policy, practice and training. International Conference on Cultural Policy Research (ICCPR), Seoul, 5-9 July 2016.

Price, Jon The Ethical Dimensions of Cultural Policy, 12th International Conference “European Culture”, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Barcelona 24-26th October 2013.

Douglas, Anne Casting back and forth from a point in the present: Time, Improvisation and Experience,  PS19 Stanford University 26-29th June, 2013

Price, Jon Community and its Discontents: In Search of the Positive Opposite, Meaningless Meanings, Gray’s School of Art, Robert Gordon University, 17th June 2013

Douglas, Anne  Questioning Certainty, The Matter of Musical Experimentation, University of York + Orpheus Institute of Research in Music, 7th-8th May 2012

Douglas, Anne  Altering a fixed identity: Thinking through improvisation
Association of Social Anthropologists Conference, Delhi, presenter and co-convenor of Panel 33 The Art of Improvisation 2012

Douglas Anne  & Kathleen Coessens   Improvisation and Embodied Knowledge – three artistic projects between life, art and research in (Re)Thinking Improvisation workshop and publication (forthcoming 2012), Lund University, Malmö 2011

Coessens, Kathleen & Anne Douglas. Reimagining the Body: Gesture, Materials, Interactions presentation to Orpheus Research Festival, Orpheus Institute of Research into Music Sept 2011

Douglas, Anne  & Kathleen Coessens  Movement and moment: in-between discreteness and continuity conference paper to Bodies in Movement Conference, University of Edinburgh, 27/28th May 2011

Douglas, Anne. (2011) Mobility of body and mind as an enabling condition of artistic experimentation at Embodiment Experiment Conference, University of York and Orpheus Institute, Ghent, May 2011

Research exhibitions

Douglas Anne  & Kathleen Coessens  Improvisation and Embodied Knowledge – three artistic projects between life, art and research, exhibition in (Re)Thinking Improvisation workshop and publication, University of Lund, Malmö 2011

Douglas A., Coessens, K. & Goto-Collins, R. (2011) Calendar Variations 2 exhibition and performance at Ecotones Workshop, Nottingham Trent University (Dr Reid)

Douglas, A ., Calendar Variations (2011) exhibition and performance at Woodend Barn with Reiko Goto-Collins, Chris Fremantle, Georgina Barney, Chu Chu Yuan, Janet McEwan and Kathleen Coessens

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