Public output by the OTE Team (2001-2007)

Invited book chapters, refereed conference papers and other publications:

Douglas, A. editor (2007)

Working in Public: Art, Practice and Policy (web resource)

in collaboration with Public Art Resource+Research, Scotland (PAR+RS), an initiative of Scottish Arts Council (SAC) to promote excellence and innovation within public art. Douglas authors 3 Reflections: Seminar 1, 2 and 3.


Douglas, A. and Fremantle, C. (2007)

Leading through Practice

Commissioned research paper – a-n Commissions fund; invited contributions from Francis McKee, artist, writer and Director of CCA Glasgow; Reiko Goto-Collins, artist and environmentalist; Linda Frye Burnham, director of; and Tim Nunn, playwright and Director of Reelin and Writhin theatre company. ISBN: 0 907730 75 2


Douglas, A. and Fremantle, C. (2007)

When is the artist a creative leader? A provisional framework

Invited keynote for ‘Creative Rural Economy. The arts and regeneration: mapping the new creative rural industries’, CRE Conference (PDF) organised by Littoral.


Douglas, A., Fremantle, C. and Goto, R. (2007)

The Artist as Leader

Invited paper in ‘Common Work’ conference 19 – 20 April 2007, organised by Dr Heather Lynch, Institute of Education, University of Stirling.

PDF: Artist as Leader – Common Work Conference


Douglas, A. and Goto, R. (2007)

Working in Public

Invited paper in track 3 ‘Eco Aesthetics’ for ‘Sustainability City. The Art of Urban Living’, Manchester Metropolitan University, April 2007.

PDF: Sustainability City Abstract

PowerPoint of paper PDF: Sustainable City PPT


Douglas, A. and Fremantle, C. (2006)

When is the artist a creative leader? A provisional framework

Invited paper for ‘HI-Arts Visual Arts Gathering’, Ullapool, November 2006

PDF: Hi Arts Conference

PowerPoint of paper PDF: [to upload]


Douglas, A. and Fremantle, C. (2005)

An Ecology of Art in the Everyday

Refereed paper for ‘Sensuous Knowledge 2’ conference ‘Aesthetic Practice and

PDF: An Ecology of Art


Douglas, A., Fremantle, C. and Delday, H. (2004)

The Dynamic of the Edge: practice led research into the value of the arts in marginal spaces

Refereed paper for Sensuous Knowledges international conference, National Academy of Art Bergen, 26-28 October 2004, Solstrand, Norway.

PDF: Dynamic of the Edge


Douglas, A. with Gray, C. and Delday, H. (2004)

Maakin Lab: Challenging Craft through Research On the Edge

Refereed paper for Challenging Craft international conference, September 8 –10, 2004, The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.

PDF: Maakin Lab Challenging Craft


Douglas, A. (2003)

Visual Arts on the Edge: Marginality and Regeneration

Refereed paper for Waterfronts III international conference, Public Art Observatory, Barcelona October 2003

Published on website edited by Dr A. Remesar, University of Barcelona, Spain.


Delday, H. (2003)

Genescapes: visualisation and value finding

Visual Knowledges international conference University of Edinburgh, 17-20 September 2003

ISBN 0 9532713 3 1

PDF: Genescapes


Douglas, A. and Delday, H. (2003)

Adjusting Sensibilities: researching artistic value on the edge

Refereed paper for Techné: Design Wisdom, 5th European Academy of Design Conference 28th – 30th April, Barcelona, Spain.

Also delivered at an Arkleton Centre research seminar, University of Aberdeen by Douglas and Delday 5/12/02.


Douglas, A. and Delday, H. (2002)

Lucy Lippard lecture on Sherkin Island

Article in Matters, June issue (OTE Research Team were invited to Ireland to participate in this event with Lucy Lippard, 19/6/02).


Douglas, A. (2002)

Whose art, where?

Article in Sculpture Matters, April issue.


Douglas, A. (editor) (2001)

On the Edge – Culture and the arts in remote and rural locations

Report on international conference, Duff House, Banff May 31 – June 2, 2001

Aberdeen: The Robert Gordon University

ISBN: 1 901 085 69 4

Conference web site:

PDF: On The Edge Conference Papers


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