Working in Public

Organised by On The Edge Research; Gray’s School of Art, The Robert Gordon University; and The Scottish Arts Council.

Working in Public drew together artists, theorists, curators and arts administrators whose work engages with issues relevant to social and cultural life, including policy.

At the heart of the series is the work of Suzanne Lacy who is involved in a formal process of reflection into the Oakland Projects, California (1990-2000). In this period Lacy worked with young people and policy sectors including health, education, justice and community relations. As an artist, Suzanne Lacy has opened up new possible ways of imagining human relationships and civic processes.

Working in Public is a partnership between On the Edge Research and Public Art Resource+Research Scotland (PAR+RS).

Seminar programme:

Seminar 1: Aesthetics and Ethics of Working in Public

Seminar 2: Representation and Power

Seminar 3: Quality and Imperfection

Seminar 4: A Public Conversation



  1. […] Prof Anne Douglas was Lacy’s Supervisor and proposed the seminars as part of the methodology (see for full […]

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