The Exhibition Structure

The four visual artists created drawings and offered these to the musicians.
The musicians responded with soundings of one minute.
We invite new drawings in response to these soundings (Workshop One) and new soundings in response to the drawings (Workshop Two).

Soundings listed by artist:

Anne DouglasMusicians: Juan Parra Cancino, Kathleen Coessens, Mark Hope, Frans van Isacker, Norman Shaw;
Ann EysermansMusicians: Nico Chkifi, Kathleen Coessens, Inne Eysermans, Iris Eysermans, Frans van Isacker, Audrey Lauro;
Tim de CortMusicians: Juan Parra Cancino, Chris Dooks, Norman Shaw, Jan van Landeghem
Donald UrquhartMusicians: Kathleen Coessens and Ann Eysermans

Soundings listed by musician:

Juan Parra Cancino – Anne Douglas, Tim de Cort
Nico Chkifi – Ann Eysermans
Kathleen Coessens – Anne Douglas, Ann Eysermans
Kathleen Coessens and Ann Eysermans – Donald Urquhart
Chris Dooks – Tim de Cort
Inne Eysermans – Ann Eysermans
Iris Eysermans – Ann Eysermans
Mark Hope – Anne Douglas
Audrey Lauro – Ann Eysermans
Norman Shaw – Anne Douglas
Frans van Isacker – Anne Douglas, Ann Eysermans
Jan van Landeghem – Tim de Cort

Biographies of Participating Artists and Musicians

Thoughts and Approaches to Sounding Drawing

Sounded Drawing Collective

Workshop One – drawings

Workshop Two – soundings

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