Thoughts and approaches to Sounding Drawing

The artists and musicians were asked to respond to the following questions:

  1. How do you understand this project and what kind of challenge does this offer you?
  2. What do the terms ‘sounding’ and ‘drawing’ mean in the context of your practice?
  3. Do you use experimentation in your practice? If so, in what way?
  4. Is time/temporality something that is an issue within this work? If so, how do you imagine time in the work?

Replies by:

Kathleen Coessens
Juan Parra Cancino
Chris Dooks
Mark Hope
Norman Shaw
Donald Urquhart
Frans van Isacker

Blog entries about ‘Sounding Drawing’ on ‘Time of the Clock and Time of  the Encounter’ by:

Mark Hope: Some thoughts about Time and Encounter (18 June 2012)
Anne Douglas: Some initial thoughts on Sounding Drawing (12 September 2012)
Kathleen Coessens: Tracing Swifts (29 October 2012)
Johan Siebers: Drawing to Sound (24 October 2012); Sounding to Drawing (24 October 2012)

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