Workshop Two: Soundings

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Tim de Cort - Twitter on Amelia Earheart

Tim de Cort: Twitter on Amelia Earheart
Sounding: Chris Speed, John Price, Anam Ashcroft-Kelly

Tim de Cort - Twitter on Katie Holmes

Tim de Cort: Twitter on Katie Holmes
Sounding: Anam Ashcroft-Kelly, Anne Douglas, Peter McRae

Ann Eysermans - PMP34

Ann Eysermans: PMP34
Sounding: Johan Siebers

Ann Eysermans - P6

Ann Eysermans: P6
Sounding: Fiona Hope, Isaac Barnes, Michelle Bastian

Anne Douglas - Leaf 1

Anne Douglas: Leaf 1
Sounding: Dave Crossen


Anne Douglas: Drawing Sound 1
Sounding: Sara Ocklind, Stephanie Ghetta, Salavador Mattos

Swifts - Donald Urquhart

Donald Urquhart: Swifts
Sounding: Tim de Cort

Stage Four - Tim, Anne, Ann, and Donald

Shared Drawing, Stage Four – Tim, Anne, Ann and Donald
Sounding: Laura Gallacher, Laura Reilly, Helen Smith
Sounding the blue line: Donald Urquhart

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