PDF List

Working in Public Seminar series: Art, Practice and Policy

PDF List:

Seminar 1: Aesthetics and Ethics of Working in Public

Seminar 1: A Critical Reflection – Anne Douglas

Seminar 1: The Oakland Dialogue, Suzanne Lacy and Grant Kester

Studio Session

Janey Hunt

Kate Foster

Monika Vykoukal

Ruth Barker

Seminar 2 – Representation and Power

Tom Trevor

Seminar 2: Oakland Dialogue – Suzanne Lacy and Tom Trevor

Seminar 3 – Quality and Imperfection

Seminar 3: Summary and Reflection

Simon Sheikh: The Public and the Imaginary

Seminar 3: The Oakland Dialogue

Seminar 4: A Public Conversation

Group 1: chaired by Chris Fremantle, research associate, arts producer and fund raiser

Ruth Barker

Monika Vykoukal

Keith Donnelly

Venda Pollock

Reiko Goto

Group 2 chaired by Amanda Catto, Head of Visual Arts, Scottish Arts Council

Adele Patrick

Damian Killeen

Janey Hunt

Kerstin Mey

Sally Thomson

Group 3 chaired by Carole Gray, Director of Research, Gray’s School of Art

Jean Cameron

Kate Foster

Kate Gray

Roxana Meechan

Janice Parker

Moira Jeffrey Panel Session and Discussion

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