Programme structure and organisation

Each seminar will be made up of three components with different levels of participation that occur over a day and a half. The first evening lecture is free and open to the general public. The next day seminars and afternoon studios require prior registration. This part of the programme is intentionally limited to support depth of discussion.

  1. A guest speaker will provide a public lecture on the first evening, focusing on a topic relevant to the thematic areas. This will be followed by question and answer session. e.g. Grant Kester on collaboration in contemporary, non gallery based visual art practice; Tom Trevor on curatorial approaches to art in public that draw on the body, Simon Sheikh on the meaning of the word ‘public’ in contemporary art.
  2. The following morning a seminar in which Suzanne Lacy will present aspects of the Oakland projects within each thematic area, with two commentators drawn from international and Scottish based organisations, academic and professional as indicated. This will be followed by a question and answer session.
  3.   An afternoon studio led by the OTE research group in which core participants unpack the seminar discussion/public lecture in relation to their own organisational remits and experiences


Project management group:

Dr Anne Douglas, project director, On the Edge Research

Professor Carole Gray, research director of Gray’s School of Art

Reiko Goto-Collins, project manager, On the Edge research

In partnership with
Amanda Catto, Head of Visual Arts, Scottish Arts Council

Dr. Fiona Dean. fugitivespaces and Public Art Resource + Research, Scotland; OTE, Gray’s School of Art

The development of the programme has been facilitated by a steering/advisory group including
Professor Stuart MacDonald, Head of Gray’s School of Art
Chris Fremantle, consultant researcher
David Haley, Research Fellow, Manchester Metropolitan University
Robert Livingston, Director of Hi-Arts, Inverness
Francis McKee, Director of Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow

The project is supported by the Scottish Arts Council.

The group of core participants were selected from an open callCore participants are willing to commit to all four events. They bring their diverse experience of the field of practice to the critical development of the programme through a shared learning space working closely with the organisational team.

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