Projects and Books

” … research projects have been developed, where stories are told through text, objects and images, relationships with place are explored, and hybridity is the ruling aesthetic. Although they might frame this more broadly as creative practices … these projects in fact explore the methodologies of new genre artists.”

Suzanne Lacy
Time in Place: New Genre Public Art a Decade Later
In: Cartiere, C. and Willis, S. (eds.) (2008) The Practice of Public Art
London: Routledge

projects and books from Phase 1

Four art projects have been completed all addressing specific challenges of change:

  • the changing relationship between an arts organization and the village in which it is located – Inthrow
  • exploring identity in a post industrial town – Edge FM
  • revaluing traditional knitting – Maakin Lab
  • forming a response to the loss of built heritage – Celestial Ceiling

The project books are a new form of critical text that communicate the experience of the project to those not involved and act as a resource for further research.

For further details and purchasing information click on the book images.







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