Public output by the wider network

Tête à Tête Opera Company (2006)

A Shetland Odyssey (DVD)

The Shetland knitters in this work were identified through/or involved in OTE’s Maakin Lab project. A Shetland Odyssey DVD is a collaboration between Bill Bankes-Jones, artistic director of Tête à Tête and On the Edge. Part of this footage documents the process OTE engaged in with Tête à Tête, introducing the opera team to the network of knitters and their issues.

Subsequently the opera Odysseus Unwound (formally A Shetland Odyssey) toured in winter 2006, including London, Stavanger and the Shetland Isles. Publicity included: a programme booklet; an article about A Shetland Odyssey on HI-Arts web site, June 2005; an article about A Shetland Odyssey on Shetland News web site, May 2004. The production was accompanied by a extensive education programme led by Chroma – Shetland Odyssey Schools Projects 2006.

The touring company of over 25 included 5 of the Shetland Islands leading knitters and spinners, and both the concept and production reinvigorated the debate about new opera and received critical acclaim and praise:

“Plenty to admire” The Times 2006
“The performance was excellent” The Guardian 2006
(Extract from Tête à Tête web site)

This represents one of the key experiences of co development that has recently informed new OTE research into an ecology of the arts, currently under development.


Inglis, F. (2004)

Culture and Affection: the love of art and the meaning of home

Seminar paper delivered at Gray’s School of Art, 24 June 2004

Fred Inglis is Emeritus Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Sheffield and Leverhulme Emeritus Professor, European University Institute, Fiesole


Hope, S. (ed.) (2005)


What makes a house a home? How does this change if you cannot leave?

Contextualising the interactive documentary by the artist Jeanie Finlay

Contributions from Sophie Hope, B+B (; François Matarasso; Anne Douglas and Heather Delday, On the Edge (essay as pdf); Hitomi Hasegawa; Jeanie Finlay in conversation with Gareth Howell

Published by Ruby Words

ISBN 978-0-9550989-0-4


Hall, R. (2005)

The Value of Visual Exploration: understanding cultural activities with young people

“Roz Hall’s book presents an honest and intelligent account of a community based project, which supported young people in establishing a positive and productive identity of themselves within a framework of exploring visual imagery and exhibits a methodology, which included dialogue, self-evaluation and documentation as part of the process.” (Amazon review by ‘geniegd’)

Published by The Public

Distributed by Cornerhouse

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