Speakers’ profiles

Suzanne Lacy is an internationally renowned artist and critical writer in the field of social practice. Suzanne is currently Visiting Professor at Gray’s School of Art, funded by the Henry Moore Foundation and the Robert Gordon University. Her work for over ten years (1990-2000) in Oakland, California is the key case study in the Working in Public programme. Lacy is editor of Mapping the Terrain New Genre Public Art 1995 Bay Press, Washington and has published extensively on issues of performance art that is both socially and politically engaged.

Grant Kester is an art historian and critic whose research focuses on socially-engaged art practice, the visual culture of American reform movements, and aesthetic theory. He is associate professor of art history at the University of San Diego, California. He curated and developed the lead essay in Groundworks: Environmental Collaborations in Contemporary Art Carnegie Mellon University October 2005. Recent publications also include Conversation Pieces: Community and Communication in Modern Art University of California Press 2005 and (as editor) Art, Activism and Oppositionality: Essays from Afterimage Duke University Press, 1998.

Tom Trevor is an artist curator and currently the director of Arnolfini, Bristol. He has been director of SPACEX, Exeter from 1999 – 2005, where he curated more than fifty exhibitions and projects focusing on socially-engaged and context-led ventures. In the 1990s he curated projects for inIVA, Camden Arts Centre, the Freud Museum and the Wellcome Trust. Recent publications include Home Voodoo Lois and Franziska Weinberger, Arnolfini Publications, 2007 and the lead essay ‘Homeland’ in Generator 1 &, Article Press edited by John Butler and Gavin Wade 2006.

Simon Sheikh is an art critic, curator and editor of OE critical readers series, published by b_books Berlin. He is assistant professor of Art Theory and coordinator of the Critical Studies Programme at Malmö Art Academy, Sweden. He is guest curator at NIFCA, Helsinki, Finland. Recent publications include An Introduction to the Socialization of Capital (and How It Fails Us) in Capital (it fails us now) critical readers in visual culture. Berlin: b_books 2006.

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