The Team (2001-05)

Anne Douglas is a visual artist and principal researcher for the On the Edge research programme (OTE) hosted by Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, Scotland. With a background in anthropology, she moved into the field of fine art – sculpture – being one of the first artists to undertake a practice-led PhD – Structure and Improvisation: the making aspect of sculpture. As first a Senior Research Fellow, now Reader, her postdoctoral research has focused on the formulation of an approach to art making that is participatory and exploratory – where individuals with diverse perspectives are involved in determining what kind of art should be made.

Heather Delday is a visual artist and recently completed her PhD with OTE focusing on the notion of ‘close’ as a construct in how we make meaning within a dynamic relationship between artist and audience. Heather’s background is in minority language publishing. Her research approach is informed by living in remote rural contexts like the Hebrides and Orkney.


Carole Gray is a visual artist, educator and researcher and helps to co-ordinate the OTE research programme.  She has been exploring the relationship between practice and research since completing her PhD on teaching styles in art education at Aberdeen University in 1988. As Director of Research at Gray’s, Carole is particularly interested in how the OTE research can inform and shape the education of artists.

The On the Edge team includes an outstanding network of international partners within cultural, educational and industrial sectors:

François Matarasso, community artist, cultural policy researcher, independent writer and researcher has worked with On the Edge from 2001.



Susan Benn, Director, Performing Arts Labs (PAL, London) an organization that creates communities of imaginative practitioners in arts, architecture, film, television, interactive media, science, education through developing experimental laboratories over 17 years. Benn, lead artist in the Maakin project, is currently developing the Pedagogy of Curiosity involving artists, scientists and educationalists – an inquiry into learning through the senses.

Chris Fremantle, cultural historian, independent researcher and arts evaluator ( As Director of the Scottish Sculpture Workshop, he developed the Inthrow project. Chris’ primary interest is in Environment and Activism developed through contemporary visual arts practice and cultural history.


Peter and Eliane Schleiffer, founders of ToolPoint, Switzerland were the patrons and partners in the Celestial Ceiling project. They are interested in exploring OTE methodologies in areas of deprivation in Switzerland e.g young people’s experience of sudden socio-economic change.

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