The Studio

Seminar 1: Aesthetics and Ethics

The Studio is a learning space that brings to the foreground the experience of the core group participants.  Each core participant was chosen by Public Art Research +Resource, Scotland and the OTE. The rationale for having 18 individuals tracking the whole process in a sustained effort is complex.

  1. They enable Suzanne to understand something about the issues of our context as part of the dialogue of exchange.
  2. In turn these individuals, who represent some of the most interesting current work in Scotland and further a field have close access to one of the most important artists and critical thinkers in this area of work in the development of her own research.
  3. Each core participant has undertaken to cascade their experience back into their organizations.
  4. Each individual is bringing a unique project – their experience of the work place to the learning space offering a range of contexts, approaches, roles (administrators/artists). This web of experience is prompting a great number of interesting questions.
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