Shifting Cultures of Expertise Seminar

Gray’s School of Art Research. Robert Gordon University. Aberdeen, Scotland. UK.

Is the culture of expertise gaining importance or losing its place in society?

Is it evolving into a more complex culture of co-authoring?

Photo by ttstam on Flick

10am – 4.30pm   13th June 2012

Event funded by Institute for Innovation, Design & Sustainability Research

Keynote speakers:

Dr Amanda Ravetz Research Fellow, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Amanda Ravetz is a visual anthropologist with expertise in the theories and practices of observational cinema; and the interdisciplinary connections between anthropology and art.

Dr Johan Siebers Senior Lecturer, University of Central Lancashire.

Johan Siebers is a philosopher, specializing in the history of German 19th and 20th century thought, speculative philosophy and the philosophy of communication and culture.

In a context of global social and economic transitions influenced by digital technologies there is an increasing perception that anyone can be an expert and that this apparent ‘dumbing down’ means that as a society we are becoming increasingly shallow in our knowledge base and skills. How are the wider public able to be active in this shifting culture, if in K A Ericsson’s view “Superior expert performance is primarily acquired… many thousands of hours of deliberate practice and training are necessary to reach the highest levels of performance” Attaining Excellence Through Deliberate Practice: insights from the study of expert performance (2001). We seek to discuss what new roles and contributions of expertise will look like; what re-thinking of these problems is taking place in other sectors that we might usefully explore? As ‘experts’ are we ready to embrace this shift in culture or is it happening around us anyway?

FREE EVENT. Please let us know if you are attending at;


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