Time of the Clock and Time of the Encounter

2 leaves mirror image

Sounding Drawing establishes an encounter between music and the visual arts and between time and space working with artists and musicians from Belgium and Scotland. Where music is unequivocally time based, drawing is situated at a point of tension between time and space. Drawing is both an object and a process. In grasping the difference, how can we engage with each point of view towards a co-creation? How can we share what we create in ways that open up further participation and new, richer ideas about time and experience?

In this work we are not seeking to present a completed body of work but starting points for exploration and dialogue extending the experimentation through new encounters with participants, viewers and audiences.

Sounding Drawing Exhibition
Preview 20 October, 6.30 – 7.30pm. Exhibition runs Monday 22 October to Saturday 17 November, Lang Byre Gallery, Woodend Barn. Admission free. Open Tuesday to Saturday, 12pm-4pm

Sounding Drawing Sounds concert Kathleen Coessens (piano) and Ann Eysermans (double-bass), Champ D’Action 20 October, 7.30pm. £9, £4.50 conc. + bf

Sounding Drawing Workshops
20 & 21 October, 10.30am to 12.30pm
Admission Free

Participating artists and musicians from Belgium and Scotland:
Juan Parra Cancino; Dave Crossen; Tim De Cort; Nico Chkifi; Anne Douglas; Chris Dooks; Kathleen Coessens; Ann Eysermans; Inne Eysermans; Iris Esyermans; Mark Hope; Frans Van Isaker; Audrey Lauro; Norman Shaw; Donald Urquhart; Jan van Landeghem

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